Modules for IIT JEE 

Module I

Physics - Kinematics & Relative Motion, Particle Dynamics, Work power Energy.

Chemistry- Basics of chemistry and stoichiometry, Atomic structure, periodic classification and chemical bonding.

Mathematics-Trigonometry identities, multiple and sub multiple angles, Transformations, properties of triangles, inverse trigonometric functions and heights and Distances.

Module II

Physics - conservation of linear momentum and collisions, centre of mass, rotational dynamics.

Chemistry - gaseous state and eudio metry Chemical equilibrium Ionic equilibrium Thermodynamices & thermochemistry.

Mathematics - co-ordinate geometry, Co-ordinate system and straight lines, pair of straight lines, calculus basics and functions.

Module III

Physics - Fluid mechanics, surface tension, viscosity, properties of mater and gravitation.

Chemistry - Groups I to IV.

Mathematics -  Limits, continuity, differentiability, differentiation.

Module IV

Physics - Thermal expansion, thermo dynamics, heat transfer, SHM & mechanical waves.

Chemistry - goc, alkanes and free radical substitutions Alkenes electrophilic additions and

eliminations alkynes Electrophilic aromatic substitution & benzene.

Mathematics -   application of derivatives

Module V

Physics -   Electrostatics, capacitors, current electricity.

Chemistry -   Nitrogen family, oxygen family and halogens Transition elements and complex compounds Qualitative analysis Metallurgy.

Mathematics -   Vectors, 3-D and circles.

Module VI

Physics - Magnetic effects of current electromagnetic induction, alternating current.

Chemistry- Liquid solutions, colligative properties Chemical kinetics – radio activity Electro chemistry and conductance,solid state and surface chemistry.

Mathematics - Conic sections, progressions and theory of equations.

Module VII

Physics - Geometrical optics, wave optics, revision of s.h.m. and mechanical waves.

Chemistry -  Nucleophilic substitutions and alkyl and aryl halides Chloroform, alcohols phenols and ethers.

Mathematics -  Complex numbers,  matrices and determinants. Permutations and combinations. Probability, binomial theorem.

Module VIII

Physics -  Atomic & nuclear physics, revision of mechanics, heat and fluid properties.

Chemistry - Nucleophilic aditions and aldehydes – ketones Carboxylic acids&derivatives Nitrogen compounds Amines Carbohydrates, amino acids and polymers.

Mathematics - Indefinite integration, definite integration, areas, differential Equations.

First four Modules will be Covered in First Year and the next Four Modules will be Covered in Second Year